Relocating to a new area means change – but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! We want to help you make moving as smooth and rewarding as possible. For this reason, we’d like to offer you a free Relocation Guide that provides you with all the information you need to start benefitting from life in your new home.

Your free Relocation Guide details everything you need to know about your new city and the surrounding areas. It includes:

• A profile of the town with Local Events and Activities in Your Area
• Information on Weather, Utilities, Financial Services, Transportation, Health Care and More…
• Backgrounds on local Educational Institutions and their Enrollment Statistics
• Information on local Hospitals and Health Care facilities
• Important Phone Numbers for Utilities, Services, Government, Schools and Child Care
• Recreational Opportunities and Social Events in Your Area
• Maps of your city and the surrounding counties and cities
• A Checklist to help you find the perfect home in your new location, along with a Real Estate glossary to help you make sense of some of the unfamiliar terms you may encounter while house hunting.
• Local Places of Worship
• Moving Tips and Preparation Checklist to help with the transition of a new location

Selecting an Agent

One of the first and most important steps in buying a home is selecting a real estate agent to assist you. In most cases the agent you work with has a fiduciary relationship with the sellers of the homes you see. That’s understandable, since it is the seller who pays the real estate commission. However, today, more and more buyers are selecting an agent to represent their interest in real estate tranactions. This usually does not cost the buyer anything because the seller has, most likely, already agreed to pay a commission for the sale of their house. When you have your own agent that agent then owes his/her fiduciary responsibility to you as the buyer.

A good agent will help to facilitate your home purchase by making your home search more efficient and productive by his or her current market knowledge. Also, a real estate professional’s knowledge of the loan and escrow process will help to assure that your dream home closes on time and with a minimum of problems.


Searching for the Right Home

The home search can at times be very frustrating, but with the right real estate agent it can be pleasant and productive. A good agent will listen carefully to your needs and preferences and be able to narrow down the possibilities with great efficiency. At first, there may be dozens of homes which match your requirements, so it may take several house-hunting trips to pare down the list. This early phase also allows you to get an excellent grasp of values, so it’s important to make mental notes of each home and its price, even when you know that some of them are not under consideration. After seeing several homes, it’s common for buyers to adjust their expectations of what they can actually afford